Swinburne Explorers Club


Being founded in 1967 we are one of the oldest clubs at Swinburne university. We had our 45 year anniversary at the end of 2011 and will get 50 years old in 2016!


This is the Explorers Club logo. It was created somewhen in the 1990s, definitely before 2003. If someone knows exactly when and by whom please contact us. Eva digitised it, so all credit goes to her. I have just adjusted it a little to reflect modern standards. Here is a PDF version of it.

Explorers Club logo


Here goes the poster.


Here is a list of people who were active in the Explorers Club committee in the past.

Year Position Name
2015-2016 President Fabian Jankowski
Secretary Adnan Islam
Treasurer Thomas Adamson
Vice-president Nick Alp
Communication Officer Sandra Di Francesco
Communication Officer Ha Bui
Social Officer Tasi Ahmad
Gear Officer Juan Lema
2014-2015 President Fabian Jankowski
Secretary Sandra Di Francesco
Treasurer Tasi Ahmad
2013-2014 President Igor Shvab
Secretary Andrew Hunter
Treasurer Nancy Hyunh-Vu
2012-2013 President Igor Shvab
Secretary Courtney Hsu
Treasurer Nancy Hyunh-Vu
2011-2012 President Andrew Hunter
Secretary Eva Klusacek
Treasurer Björn Stuetz
2010-2011 President Björn Stuetz
Secretary Eva Klusacek
Treasurer Sonia Anand

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