Swinburne Explorers Club

Gear Hire

Hire policy

The club has a couple of tents, cookers, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, head torches and so on that can be rented out for club trips. Have a look at our gear list below. This is our gear hire policy:

  • gear can be rented out for our own official Explorers Club trips only, not to external people for private trips.
  • the gear officer will open the gear locker once a week on specific times set by his or her availability for one hour or so. This is the only time when members can rent out equipment.
  • members can rent out gear in the week before the trip.
  • they need to contact the gear officer for that at: gearofficer at swinexplorers.org
  • they will pick up the gear from the gear officer, directly from the gear locker during the opening times set by the gear officer.
  • renting the gear is free, there is no fee.
  • members need to pay a refundable deposit, which depends on the value of the gear that they rent out:
    1. cheap item (sleeping mat, pot, etc.): $10
    2. medium expensive item (Trangia cooker, head torch, sleeping bag, etc.): $20
    3. expensive item (tent, etc.): $50
  • this deposit must be paid in cash.
  • the renter needs to return the gear at the next opening time of the gear locker directly to the gear officer.

Gear List

If you want to know what equipment you can rent out for one of our trips, have a look at our gear list.

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