Swinburne Explorers Club

Lead an Explorers Club Trip

We strongly encourage members to become active in the club and to start leading
their own trips with the club. We do not run the activities that you are
interest in, or not as often as you would like it? Get involved and change

There are various levels of involvement:

1) Please suggest ideas for future trips or activities. This is very much
appreciated. You can send us an email or suggest it on our Facebook group (see
contact page). The best way is to come to one of our meetings and discuss it.
However, you would need to persuade someone else to organise and run the trip
for you.

2) Organise the trip (work out a travel plan, arrange accommodation, etc.) and
persuade someone to lead it for you. You do not have a driver's licence or car?
That is no problem! We have many people who would be happy to lead the trip for

3) Organise and lead your own trip. This is the highest level and strongly
encouraged for regular participants.

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